The Band

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Joey Carmon

When you walk into a show where Joey Carmon is performing, you may hear a grand piano, a saxophone or trumpets and trombones, but you won’t see any of these. What you will see is Joey playing a guitar synthesizer. This synthesizer sounds so much like the real thing, you’ll be searching the stage looking for the other instruments! “I give credit to Susan Taylor Carson, Carl Jackson and Jerry Reed for the way I approach playing guitar and banjo.”

With 7 CD’s to his credit. his latest endeavor is by far the most difficult and the most rewarding. “I started working on some of Jerry Reed’s songs which have taken me years to figure out. I thought if I put together a Jerry Reed Tribute which would include some of his hits like, “Eastbound and Down”,  “Amos Moses“, “Guitar Man“, “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” along with those blistering fast instrumentals like “Jerry’s Breakdown“,  I could stay busy for years just perfecting the show!”


Jhan Hansen

Jhan Hansen is the consummate professional drummer. He started on a drum set in 1965, at the height of Beatlemania. He has played with many different types of groups over the years, but always with top notch musicians. Playing most all styles well, he has proven to be an asset to all these bands along his way. He has held together every kind of band from instrumental surf rock bands to seven piece horn bands, full of funk, from masterful country bands to “Top 40” cover bands. His vocals have also played a major role in keeping him working, singing lead and back ground vocals on many songs over the years.  The longest stint he spent with any band was 28 years with Louie Fontaine and the Rockets which took him all over, in and out of the country, from the Sheraton Waikiki to the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada.

Now that Jhan has joined the Joey Carmon Band he feels right at home with the wide variety of music from Blue Grass to Rhythm and Blues, from Country to good old Rock and Roll!  It feels so good!


Curt Lee

 Curt taught guitar while  majoring  in music in college and has 40 years experience as a professional guitar player/lead singer/songwriter. He has toured in Europe, recorded his own CD and played country and R & R music his whole life which makes him a perfect fit for the JCB. Curt is a retired school teacher and has a reputation as the kind of musician who can show up at the last minute and perform a show with little or no rehearsal. One of the highlights of  Curt's career was to be on stage and backup Glen Campbell when Glen sat in with his band in Reno NV. In fact, Curt's CD is a tribute to Glen Campbell!


Gary Pranin

Garry Pranin provides bass guitar and lead vocals for Joey's band. He had worked seven years with the group, "Flashback".   They held the honor of being the longest running act in the cabaret at J.A. Nugget in Sparks, NV.  Garry was asked to join the popular 50's and 60's act, "Route 66" for the next seventeen years. He  performed regularly for such events as ,"Hot August Nights" in Reno, NV.   Garry is the ultimate professional on stage and with his experience and talent, he is a perfect fit for this group of veteran musicians.